Minuteman International Cleaning Equipment from Johnson Supply Inc dba Johnson Wholesale Janitorial Supply at prices you can afford. Like the PAS12 Port a Scrub 12 and PAS14 Automatic Scrubbers or the MPV 31 Wide Area Vacuum or Front Runner Buffers. Click the links to see more details and how we can help you with the Equipment you need. Some of the Janitorial Cleaning Machines listed below.

M12110 Pas 12 Port A Scrub 12 inch Electric Automatic Scrubber Twin Brushes

M14110 Pas 14 Port A Scrub 14 inch Electric Automatic Scrubber Twin Brushes

E17BDQP, E17TDQP 20 inch Battery Automatic Scrubber

E20BDQP, E20DTDQP 20 inch Battery Automatic Scrubber

E20CQP Cylindrical 20 inch Battery Automatic Scrubber Twin Brushes

H20BDQP, H26QP Hospital Series Automatic Scrubbers

E26ECOQP, E26QP 26 inch Battery Automatic Scrubber Twin Brushes

E30QP, E32CQP, E33QP Battery Automatic Scrubbers

ER26DQP, ER30QP, ER28DQP, ER32DQP Riding Automatic Scrubber

KS25WQP, KS28BQP, KS28BDQP, HM40BQP, Minuteman Sweepers

C46200-00 Gotcha, X17114 X17 Carpet Extractors and Spotter

XR28QP X Ride 28 inch Carpet Extractor

V10115P, V10115PP, L15115, L18115 V14115PP, Phenom and Backpack Vacuums

V14115PP, V17115PP, V174 Pro Plus 2 Motor Vacuums

C27120-00, MPV31 Wide Area, MC827854QP Vacuums

FR17115, FR20115, FR20115-2S Minuteman Front Runner Floor Buffer

M20130-00, M24000-04 Electric High Speed Buffer Burnisher 1500 and 2400 rpm

M26036QP, M26036TDQP Battery High Speed Buffer Burnisher 2000 rpm

C29685-06, C29685-01, C29085-05, C29085-05A, C29015-JK, C29285-05, C29020-07, C39105-01, C39055-03, Wet Dry Vacumms

TRS14115QP Minuteman TRS Restroom Total Recovery Cleaning System

Please be patience with us as we add products each day. We will have thousands of items all priced great. If you have questions please call us.